Steve King ~ Guitar + Vocals

Steve King Guitar

Steve started playing the guitar around the age of eleven. “I never wanted to play anything else but the guitar,” he says, “and I did like every other kid back then, getting linked up with bands. By about ’75, I went on the road. I think the first band was ‘Kenny Isles & the Explosion.’” For the next 10 years, Steve worked with a number of touring bands throughout Canada and the U.S. – ‘the Platters’, ‘the Marquee Brothers’ (Stampeders horn section), ‘Funktion’, ‘Roger Trueman’, ‘Robbie Lane’, etc. “After that,” Steve continued, “I wanted to get off the road so I put my own 4-piece band together.” The ‘Steve King Band’ was a regular in the local music scene throughout the 80’s. By the 90’s, Steve was touring England and Holland with ‘Rapid Transit’ – another fixture in the local music scene.

Most recently, in addition to being the POWERHOUSE guitarist since early 2013, Steve has played with Hamilton Blues tradition, ‘Harrison Kennedy’, local regular ‘Steve Strongman’, and has been the lead guitarist for ‘Groove Corporation’, a long-running local blues/R&B/funk band.

Steve King TravelCoinciding with his love of travel, when not playing his guitar, Steve “likes to chase the intricacies of Pinot Noir around the world.” The picture to the right is Steve (with the hat) sampling some of the local ‘pinot noir’ in the Tuscany area of Italy – an area known for its excellent red wines. And with family throughout North America, when he’s not performing on a stage somewhere, you might have to look a good distance to find him.