Pete Crolly ~ Bass + Vocals

Pete Crolly Bass Guitar

Pete, a regular in the Toronto scene, started his musical life early. “I actually started by taking drum lessons as a kid”, he says, but he moved over to the bass guitar in high school. Then, in the early 70’s, he bought a flute from Morris Sardo, one of the POWERHOUSE  ‘founding trio’, and added that to his musical repertoire. Now, he also plays the saxophone, as well.

In his decades playing regularly, he has been with scores of bands from the area – far too many to list here. But of note, he was with Carlo, current POWERHOUSE trumpet-player in ‘Vehicle’ during the 70’s. By the 80’s, he had recorded with ‘Robert Connolly’ and ‘The Lee Aaron Project’ and was now working with ‘Frank Soda and the Imps’ – a regular in the Toronto music scene at the time. He’s played with rock band, ‘Sylum’, recorded with Toronto band, ‘Instructions’, played latin jazz with ‘Mondo Loco’ and was one of the early members of Hamilton-based R&B-funk band, ‘Groove Corporation’, who also has current POWERHOUSE guitarist, Steve King as one of their members.
Pete Crolly Boat
When not playing with the band, Pete can be found working with other bands like Toronto’s ‘STRAToS’, an instrumental-fusion band, Hamilton’s blues master, ‘Harrison Kennedy’, or just piloting his sailboat ‘Parlay’ out of the Toronto area. “Boating is one of my hobbies – cottage life in the city,” he says, with a smile.