John Persichini ~ Drums, Vocals

John Persichini

Like all the current members of POWERHOUSE, John’s musical resume is multi-faceted.

“I started with sax in the high school band, but I always liked drums and I linked up with part-time bands in the area back then,” says John.  ‘Matrix’ was one of his early bands back in the 70’s, then after graduating university a few years later, he got a call from local band ‘Lightspeed’.  John’s history with this band is extensive. The band stayed full-time and touring throughout the late 70’s, early 80’s with John as their front man.  “We had two sets of drums set up on stage which I would go to occasionally, but we had a full-time drummer and I was the front-man/singer in the band,” says John.

After the band broke up, it would reform again a decade later.  “We got back together to record some original tunes we had from the band’s earlier years,” continued John.  “Somehow, that recording found its way to England and Japan.”

By the mid-90’s, Lightspeed had linked up with a Japanese record company, they had airplay and favourable reviews in England and Europe, they had recorded a second CD, and were playing larger local venues like Hamilton’s Studio Theatre and the Dallas nightclub.  The next major stop for the band was in Wigan, England, in 1998 at the Gods of Rock Festival.

The band continues on to this day (see their web link in our Links section), but mostly now just for recording new material.

Other than that and sitting behind the kit as a major vocalist with POWERHOUSE, John spends his time in Grant Avenue Studio recording commercials and jingles and he’s recently worked with Hamilton’s ‘Harrison Kennedy’.

John Persichini Skiing

When not playing music, John has a full family life, is an avid download skier, he plays water polo (as a hobby) and he’s built a recording/practice studio in his basement.  “I have two boys and they kind of took over the basement studio over the last 5 or 6 years,” he says.  They do clear out, though, when POWERHOUSE comes in to practise.