Carlo Di Battista ~ Trumpet + Vocals

Carlo DiBattista - Trumpet, Vocals


Carlo, a career musician and leader of the POWERHOUSE band, has been involved with just about every aspect of music over the years – performance, recording, production, booking, management, etc.  “My dad and his brothers would have ‘jams’ in the house every weekend.  My mom was a singer.  I started playing when I was 8, appeared on local TV program ‘Tiny Talent Time’ shortly after and joined my first band, the 50-piece ‘Italo-Canadian Concert Band’ (pictured to the left) when I was 10 years old.” Carlo DiBattista Italo Canadian Band

Carlo’s first rock band was with Gerry Doucette and the band, ‘Terry James & the Soul Generation’ and his first ‘road gig’ was at age 14 with local band ‘Brotherhood’.  “I was in high school and had to ask permission for 2 weeks holidays to go with the band to the Electric Circle in Quebec City.  We put ourselves and our gear on a train, went to Quebec City, played for 2 weeks, then came home.”

He joined the band Vehicle in the early 70’s and for a few years played regular 3-month summer gigs at Wasaga Beach.  Then after high school, he got a music scholarship from McMaster University, but left after one year to pursue his own musical path.

By the late 70’s, Vehicle had released their first album, received a Juno nomination, and were playing theatres, arenas, colleges and universities regularly.  By the early 80’s Carlo became thefirst musician ever to be granted a ‘booking license’ in Canada.  While still playing with Vehicle, he travelled to England for meetings with Swan Song Records and Chrysalis Records as the band’s manager.  Eventually, ‘Vehicle’ signed with United Artists in the U.S., and were in Billboard’s Top 100 with air play in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.  After ‘Vehicle’ broke up in the 80’s, Carlo was booking POWERHOUSE, and when the band decided to go from a 3-piece to 4-piece horn section, he joined the band in 1990.

Carlo is the longest serving member of POWERHOUSE and he is, basically, the backbone of the band.  Besides his on-stage work as leader, trumpet player and vocalist, he books the band, manages all business aspects, and is the final say on all sound production and stage set-ups.

Outside of music, Carlo is 20 solo-hours away from his pilot’s license.  In keeping with his love of golf and his excellent abilities in organizing and managing, he has worked at ESPN for a number of years as a TVA (TV assistant) for the Canadian Open.

In the picture to the right, he is standing on the links of the PGA Tour, Furnas golf course in São Miguel Island of the Azores during the POWERHOUSE tour of Portugal a few years ago.Carlo DiBattista PGA

Carlo has recorded with ‘Brighton Rock’, Terry Brown (producer for Rush), local acts ‘Sonny Del Rio’ and ‘Jack Pedlar’, ‘Rick Emmett’, ‘Pavlo’, ‘Oscar Lopez’, ‘Gerry Doucette’, and ‘Roy Young’ (ex-Beatles keyboard player).  He’s played Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto a number of times and performed in front of 20,000 at the Friendship Festival in Fort Erie with ‘Hall & Oates’, ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ and ‘Colin James’.

There’s very little in music, production and management that Carlo has not had extensive experience.  And when he’s not doing something involved with music, he’s doing something else involved with music.  You can count on it.