The band began as a seven-song ‘Guest Spot’ at Oliver’s Nightclub in downtown Hamilton on June 14, 1986.  By the end of that summer, POWERHOUSE was the house band at Sax’s Roadhouse in the east end of the city, and Harry’s Roadhouse in the centre of town by year’s end.


The early years of the band saw the band playing everywhere locally as they built up their name and reputation:  different nightclubs, special events, corporate parties, various festivals, private parties and weddings.   In the over quarter-century of the band’s existence, they’ve performed well over 1,000 shows to as far west as the USA midwest and as far east as Portimao, Portugal.  As time has passed, the band has moved away from regular local nightclub work to concentrate more on corporate events, charity functions, outdoor festivals and theatre shows.  They still play clubs locally but mostly to ‘stay in touch’ with their local fan base.  The band has never focused too heavily on promotion, personal or otherwise, and has chosen instead to remain rather enigmatic, building a reputation through client referrals, re-dates and the strength of their live performances.


There are currently three distinct, self-contained shows in the band’s repertoire:
1)     The regular Powerhouse show, made up of a 60’s/70’s, Blues Brothers/Motown/Soul revue, mixed with    a blend of very danceable, well-known rock songs.
2)     A Chicago Transit tribute show, focusing heavily on the earlier Chicago Transit Authority material.
3)     A Rod Stewart Tribute Show, called “Forever Young” with Doug Varty as Rod Stewart.


All Powerhouse members have had multiple decades of experience in the music business and contribute to the various shows in different ways and, when needed, on different instruments.  Since each show is unique, promotion, sound clips, videos (where available), stage plots and other information are unique, as well.  The band is constantly working in these areas as it continues to add new material to each of their shows.


The ‘Overview’ button in the navigation bar lists the band’s performance history, divided into four main groups:  Outdoor Festivals and Concerts, Corporate Events, Theatre Shows and Nightclub Performances.
In most instances, the band has played multiple times at the same venue, often spanning many years.


For information on the band’s availability or booking information, contact Carlo DiBatista at: vehicleentertainment@sympatico.ca or phone (905) 548-0058